Corey Stewart Rant

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We recorded this episode before Corey Stewart, noted fucktard and potential Virginia Republican senate candidate, went to the Capitol to make an ass of himself on Thursday

There’s a great news story in the Times Dispatch by Graham Moomaw so check that out but the long and short of it is, Corey Stewart said that Republicans who support Medicaid Expansion have flaccid pensis. Not only that, he used a toilet paper roll as a prop to demonstrate. And not only that, when pressed on if he was seriously suggesting that Republicans who supported Medicaid couldn’t get hard, he said “I’m suggesting I feel sorry for their wives.”

We talk about Corey Stewart a lot in this episode but I just wanted to comment on this particular set of insults he levied against Republicans who are trying to come to a bi partisan solution for medicaid expansion.

Corey, let me explain something to you. Most of the people who would benefit from Medicaid expansion live in the areas where you have your tiny sliver of support. Medicaid is like gay marriage. If you really don’t want it, you don’t have to get it. Don’t be a cock block and fuck up the chance for someone who actually might need it to have it.

Also, why are you are an ass. Noel, or whoever books Corey’s media appearances, if you’re listening, Corey and I need to talk about why he is an ass. And if he won’t come on my show, he’s an ass and a coward. As far as I can tell, Corey’s media strategy appears to mimic the lifestyle of a vampire. He hides in the shadows, reteweeting Breitbart articles and white supremacists then Boom!, comes out of the shadows to say something half witted so that he can suck up enough attention to stay in the news for another 3 weeks.

Corey, let me ask you something. Are you a shitty excuse for an insult comic or are you trying to win statewide office in Virginia? Give me a call whenever you’re finished losing the election because I’d love to find out.

Alright, that’s all I have to say about that for now. There will be a lot more shitting on Corey Stewart in the episode so stick around and thanks for listening

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